Rail 66 has succeeded in developing the trail from US Route 322 at Clarion Junction to the Forest County line, 20 miles measured by GPS. Success was achieved by many volunteers, volunteer hours, more than 1,000 hours so far this year, individual monetary and material contributions, donated equipment and a $400,000 DCNR grant awarded in late 2019. This grant which will be used to pave the 8 miles between Leeper and the Forest County line is under contract and the 8-mile section of the trail will be the paved this September. By your contributing to the trail, it has become a wonderful success story, and for your past support we thank you very much.

Trail development began with a 4.3-mile section through Knox Township about 7 years ago. It was not paved, but constructed with a tar and chip surface with a 5-year life expectancy. While the surface has served us well over the last 7 years, it is deteriorating and in need of paving. Trail users have mentioned this problem and requested that this 4.3-mile section be improved to the quality of the trail surface north and south of Knox Township. Our estimate for paving this section is approximately $215,000.
We have exhausted our grant options for this year and with the strains on government spending, we are highly unlikely to secure a grant next year. The Rail 66 volunteers agree that we should pave the 4.3-mile Knox Township section this fall taking advantage of the low oil prices and economies from the paving of the 8-mile section. However, to do so we need your help.
We have lead sponsors who pledged $100,000 as a match challenge to others to contribute the second $100,000. To help us reach our goal, please consider making a donation. $100 or more will help us with the lead sponsor match, but no amount is too little. One hundred percent of your contribution will be used to pave the trail and is tax deductible. Rail 66 has no employees and pays no volunteer personal expenses. The impact of your contribution will be doubled by the lead sponsor’s challenge.

In June of this year there were over 3,000 users of the trail. With the northern section completed giving easier access to Cooks Forest, we anticipate trail use to double. The public has taken ownership of the trail and is using it to develop healthier living lifestyles. We can all be proud that we are a part of it. With your help, we have made a difference in the lives of many.
You may make an online donation using the PayPal button on this page.  You do not need an account – just a credit or debit card.  You may mail a check to us at: Rail 66 Country Trail, PO Box 103, Lucinda, PA 16235. Please make your checks payable to Rail 66 Country Trail.

Once again, we thank you for your support.


Your donations help make the sustainability of Rail 66 Country Trail possible.  Rail 66 is providing many ways for our community to contribute financially.   You can use the above links to learn more about leaving a legacy, purchasing a bench, adopting a mile of trail, becoming a member, or being a business sponsor.

This page is meant to assist with cash and in-kind donations.  Small or large, your contribution will help us with a number of needs in creating new trail, maintenance and adding upgrades such as signage along the way.

If you want to donate online, you do not have to have a PayPal account to do so…just a debit/credit card.  Your credit card information is not provided to Rail 66 by PayPal.  Just click on the PayPal button on this page or you can print out a donation form here and mail it to us at:

Rail 66 Country Trail PO BOX 103, Lucinda, PA  16235

Our EIN number is 46-4813617 for your tax deductible donation.