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Join us for 2022 Sunday Strolls

September Sunday Stroll Schedule

Sept.4th –  Zacherl’s Farm Market   6:00 pm.  Heading North
Sept. 11th –  322 Dairy Queen 6:00 pm.  Heading North
Sept. 18th –  Farmington Park, Leeper.  6:00 pm. Heading North
Sept. 25th –  CarMate, Leeper Pa. 6:00 pm. Heading South

Come out enjoy the fall weather, with Family, Friends, & Neighbors!! Walk at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful fall weather, conversation, & movement.  We love seeing new people every week!

Bring a buddy (or two)!  Follow us on our Facebook page for updated information and other events.



June 2021:

Trail volunteer Bill Rogers had a fun and creative idea for the sign at the Marianne trailhead. Alan Dechant and Mark Hunberger helped with installation, Gatesman Plumbing and Heating donated pipe and Riverhill Automotive offered welding skills. A GREAT team effort by our talented Rail66 family of volunteers!


Rail 66 has just completed paving on the northern section from Leeper to the Forest County line. This milestone completes surfacing on all 20 miles of Rail 66 Trail!! A resurface project on the original tar and chip in Knox Twp (segment 2) will be completed this Fall (we’ve almost reached our donation goal)!  This is amazing community support from the DCNR, donors and volunteers who made this happen at warp speed!

Dr. Bill Moore receives
Volunteer of the Year Award

Rail 66 Trail Volunteer, Dr. Bill Moore (right) received the “James E. Holden Greenways Volunteer of the Year Award” at a ceremony held in Titusville.  Bill, a professional civil engineer was recognized for his contributions of both design and construction assistance of several storm water management practices along the trail as well as securing public and private grant funding for trail building and maintenance equipment.  His most recent grant award from the DCNR is funding the c ompletion of the trail from Leeper to the Forest County line with an asphalt surface.  The Rail 66 community is very fortunate to have many talented, dedicated volunteers.  Bill is the 2nd Rail 66 volunteer to receive this honor.  Mike O’Neill was recognized in 2018.  Greg Borland presented the award.

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