As a nonprofit organization, our donors, partners and volunteers are its entirety.  We provide several ways that you can be involved with the Trail.   Visit each individual page to learn more.  Below are links to download forms to mail in.

VOLUNTEERING:  Our volunteers are the foundation of Rail 66 and there are many opportunities to help.  Submit our volunteer form to be a core part of our organization!

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership is $25 per year.    Membership helps us pay for needed trail maintenance.  Submit your membership form online or mail it in.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS:   We enjoy working with organizations that can add value to the trail experience.  Visit the community partner page or call us to discuss how we can work together.

BUSINESS SPONSORSHIPS:   Business sponsors have been an important asset in our past and will continue to aid in future growth.  Learn how we acknowledge our business sponsors at Rail 66. 

ADOPT-A-MILE OF TRAIL  Be part of the long-term sustainability of the Rail 66 trail by adopting a mile.  Click here to learn more.

HONOR A LOVED ONE WITH  A MEMORIAL BENCH   Have you thought of honoring someone by purchasing a bench for the trail?  Click here to learn more.

CASH AND IN-KIND DONATIONS   If you would like to donate you can print the form below or click here to learn more.

MAIL IN FORMS   Click on the links below to download our forms:

Membership Form
Donation Form
Volunteer Form
Community Partner Form
Business Sponsorship Form
Memorial Bench Form