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Who owns the trail?

Rail 66 Country Trail, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, owns the trail corridor in Clarion County.  The rail line was rail-banked, preserved for future use as a railroad while allowing its current use for trail purposes. The rail trail was deeded to Rail 66 in fee simple.

Why do we not allow ATV’s, dirt bikes, snowmobiles or horses on the trail?

The trail was purchased and developed by private donations and grants and is covered by liability insurance that prohibit the use of motorized vehicles.  ATV, dirt bike, snowmobile  and equine use raise liability issues that insurers are unwilling to accept and grants prohibit.  Motorized recreational vehicles are not conducive to the safety of our ever-growing number of trail users because of speed and the narrowness of the corridor.

Motorized vehicles and horses pose a serious safety hazard to pedestrians, children on bicycles and in strollers and the general cycling community and degrade the trail surface.  Electric wheelchairs and similar electric vehicles for the handicapped are allowed.  Accommodating motorized vehicles would require two trails divided by a safety barrier.  The Rail 66 property is too narrow to construct two separate trails.  Restricting motorized vehicle use must be strictly enforced.