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Segment Mileage Chart

GPS Coordinates for trail access.  

Marianne Trailhead 41.237506° N 79.417360° W

Lucinda Station  41.313387° N   79.369551° W

Lucinda Parking  41.314151° N   79.369373° W

Snydersburg Parking  41.331297° N   79.354952° W

Leeper Parking (Car Mate)  41.367990° N   79.308720° W

Parking is available in the following locations:

  * Marianne Trailhead
* Lucinda Station
* Lucinda Parking
* Snydersburg Parking
* Leeper Parking (Car Mate)

Wheelchair Access Sites on the Trail

* Marianne parking lot, Rt 322
* Lucinda Train Station, Lucinda
* Farmington Twp Park, Leeper (currently under construction).